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$ 1,800.00

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A Remington pool table in very good condition. It is made from Solid Wood and features flat paneled apron with routered detail with floor to slate leg design. It has Blue Navy Color cloth with three part Italian Slate. It comes with following accessories

* Action Billiard Ball Set
* 8 Ball and 9 Ball wooden triangles
* 8 Ball and 9 Ball Magic Rack ( Amazing Results!)
* Pool Table Cover
* Box of Master Chalk ( 9 count )
* Wall Cue Stick Holder
* Floor Cue Stick Holder
* 8 One Piece Cue Sticks and Handler
* Cue Tip Shaping Tools
* Cue Ball Restoration and Shining Solutions
* Cue Stick Polish
* Training Cue Ball ( Jim Rempe)
* Billiard Books